Someone posted an edited video and when I called them on it, they pushed back but then deleted it without saying anything. I stopped following them. Too harsh?



Through my ongoing conversations with friends, teammates, and leaders in the black community, I realize this is not an issue about the American flag. It has never been. We can no longer use the…

We're mostly determined by what we're exposed to, but we owe it to each other to try to break that conditioning. I think cops and soldiers who become assholes do so because they have to deal with a much higher percentage of assholes. Again, it's an explanation not an excuse.

Why are people (especially types) freaking out about calls to only now, when libertarians have been saying the same shit (I disagree with) for years? Because now it's coming from the left and someone told you to?


Just heard the best euphemism ever for the stock market on the podcast:

“It’s a graph of rich people’s feelings.” - (and the random person who tweeted it and she stole it from)

Looking at the stock market and the state of America's main streets these days, it's more obvious than ever that the two are completely detached. Never let anyone tell you again that economic policy should be determined by what's good for corporations. Fuck that propaganda.

Consumerism is a culture opposed to critical thinking. Entertainment over purpose. The opposite of . It promises, and often delivers, a superficial sense of happiness. But it makes democracy unsustainable as it weakens our sense of empathy & erodes communities.

Great extended conversation (ended ) with @PhoneBoy last Sunday, about his background, health, technology, , the and much more. Live again this week at 9pm CST!

Why won't the crowd declare that there's no other acceptable choice except for @JoeBiden's VP?

The people who want their news from TV don't need to pay for cable anymore. @CBSNews on @Roku is free and while not unbiased, it's more focused on reporting than the endless partisan commentary you find on @CNN, @MSNBC & @FoxNews.

Anecdotes don't tell the story. What's the best data out there for police killing people or otherwise violating our rights? Is it getting better or worse, in regards to different communities? Which policies or laws are proven to help?

We can't ever have enough good cops to restrain the bad cops or stop the looting & rioting if enough of us simply don't have empathy for each other. An open society relies upon a shared of sense of community and reality. Wherever you are, if you're angry, try to find sympathy.

Would this end if legal gun owners showed up brandishing their weapons and told both the cops & looters/rioters to quit their bullshit?

Follow some people and all you get are videos of looting and cops doing nothing. Follow others and all you get are cops beating up peaceful protestors.

Does anyone have data on the amount of nonviolent protesting vs rioting/looting going on? Because we have two very passionate narratives at play here & that makes compromise towards progress impossible.


Any Antifa “terrorism” order would have all the amorphous ambiguities and endless expansions of power abuses that we saw (and still see) with The War on Terror, but applied (even more than now) domestically, to core speech & dissent rights.

Supporting that would be madness.

Question for the libertarians. Is this a Soros/Antifa plot or deep state provocateur shenanigans or inferior brown people disrespecting your culture? Cause I think it's idiots and assholes taking advantage of a horrible situation to steal shit and express their frustration.

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