"You are not a good man. No wonder they call you Douchebag."

Stop following the propagandists. It might lead to more good faith conversation and less ideological thinking. Maybe fewer people would try to build their social media presence based around LARPing as tribalist warriors who think nuance is evil.

I really don't like @gaywonk. Except for being an advocate for D&D, he's been really bad on SJW stuff and free speech and was a @voxdotcom toady. But as regards media criticism and the establishment, this is really great. Commie tongue-in-cheek.

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No, it isn’t the Bloomberg campaign website. It is the @latimes.

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I just had a @MikeBloomberg canvasser come to my door. I let him know politely I’m decidedly voting for @BernieSanders and then he just gave me a fist bump and said, “Oh me too! Feel the Bern, homie!”

Bullshit headline. This is actually why "politics" must be about fighting for , not just trying to persuade others to your candidate/policy. Often, the easiest way to win is to avoid telling the truth, but that will always have negative effects on our culture.

Until most Americans choose to reason about the world in a way that is not black & white, the propagandists will win. The honest will stumble over inconvenient facts and the liars will crush them by feeding us the simple narratives we're desperate for.

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I asked a senior leader of Germany’s ruling (and center-right) CDU party last week about Bernie Sanders. The reply: He may seem radically left-wing in America, but if he were German, he would fit right into the CDU, and probably even the more conservative side of it.

Going live now. Wasn't sure I'd be home in time so I didn't plan a guest. Hit me up if you want to Skype in. Thanks.

Fair reporting on the 1988 @BernieSanders "honeymoon" to the USSR. It gives some necessary context to the audio/video you'll see going around.

Maybe the establishment and the deep state are bad terms. Divisive. Imprecise. It's all on a spectrum, but my anger/frustration are directed at those who get involved in politics/government but then favor their own advancement & wealth over an honest pursuit of the greater good.

The general public understands the political conversation via cable news. The establishment controls that space. It's how most people want to consume that kind of info/opinion. The good faith journalistic community needs to give them a free entertaining always-on alternative.

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The people who are actually Interfering In Our Elections is the US intelligence community - the CIA and friends - strategically leaking bullshit on the eve of critical elections to sway the vote against the candidates they hate. That’s illegal. And dangerously anti-democratic: twitter.com/sunraysunray/statu

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Is there anything prohibiting @MikeBloomberg from just giving every superdelegate $1m for their 2nd round vote? They are public, right? That's less than $1b. If they were going to vote for him anyway, they should now each demand at least that much.

Billionaires vs millionaires. The first didn't work harder, it was luck. They don't live that much better, at least compared to the rest of us. I don't see why we can't take that extra money and help a lot of people, even if just by reducing our taxes or the national debt.

Post 2016, nobody really knows what's electable any more. It's just a weapon only really useful to those with establishment credentials (meaning they probably got Iraq wrong) & access to the most attention, which you give or allow them to purchase from giant media corporations.

Re: billionaires, at least libertarians recognize that effort or the social value of work often has little bearing on how much markets reward you. Timing, luck, etc. What they often fail to accept is that we can make other choices collectively to modify that math.

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Bernie opposed the 2007 immigration bill because it vastly expanded the guest worker program to up to 600k visas, a provision demanded by big business to drive down wages, with workers unable to access basic labor rights then asked to leave after a season.

Great @teamhumanshow episode from @rushkoff and @CultExpert. I think they're right that there's a lot of cultish aspects to , but also the .

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