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If your political views fit neatly into a little box that huge numbers of others agree with perfectly, you probably aren't thinking hard enough. In fact, somebody else is probably doing the thinking for you.

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for every clinton dead ender that stays home in a wine slurry, a dozen joe rogan listeners will vape DMT inside the voting booth while pulling the lever for sanders like a vegas slot machine

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“Welcome to Culture War 2.0: The Great Realignment”

My piece for The American Mind


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American political discourse would improve approx 3,600% if major networks would stop hiring partisan operatives to serve as “analysts”. You could hire a political scientist from a mid-sized state school for 1/100th of the cost & they’d actually provide analysis, not talking pts.


Great conversation with @ProfWorr on Sunday. I'd been wanting to pick his brain about how to establish a fair process/standard to rebuild a shared understanding of the world (), but we got off track a bit. Next time. Be my guest this week?

But it's not just Trump. All of democracy comes down to this. Will we take our responsibility to uphold seriously? To demand truth and accountability, from our representatives, the media & each other. When it's unpopular. When it doesn't serve our interests.

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Twitter isn't real life, folks. Only the gilded, insular socioeconomic milieu inhabited by elite pundits, corporate lobbyists, and senior politicians is real life.

It's easy to cheer a nation's people rising up against their corrupt government when the media spin is behind you. The real challenge is to stick with them and their fledgling democracy even when they choose to oppose US interests and the corporate press flips the script.

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“Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

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Is there an option to stop seeing replies even when I follow both users? I think this might be useful to others too because I think a big advantage of how people on-ramp into the comes in having a server community, but that means you are following most of the people there, which leads to seeing a lot of replies that you have no context for and which bury other toots. A separate tab for such conversations and a notification when it's updated might work well. Thanks.

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Q: What happened when 30 armed Black Panthers protested a 1967 bill specifically meant to disarm them?
A: The "invaders" were halted by police and laws against open carry were immediately enacted. 1/2

I kinda feel like @joerogan is being forced to continue having MIC propagandist @MBCompanyMan on the . Give us a sign Joe.

If the logic of prevailed, it argues for candidates who lose primaries. Since every Democrat should automatically get all the votes on the left, the best candidate is least appealing to Dems & thus probably most appealing to independents & Republicans. Genius.

Tribalism is complaining about Illinois's pension debt while saying nothing about Trump's unfunded tax cuts and increased military spending.

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