When Americans cease to take these government recommendations seriously, maybe it's because it goes against what they've been told for decades.

@wjmaggos The only President with a more corrupt administration than that of Trump.


Somehow the people who hate Iran the most, worship him too.

@wjmaggos Every individual makes an assessment of risk based on many factors. If your experience tells you that the media and the gov't are a pack of liars (evidence for which is easily accessible), then you may discount what they say even in times of great risk. Gov't and media whine much about this situation, but they should look in the mirror and realize their responsibility in making the bed in which they now lie.


I agree with all that. I had considered amending my original toot with the completely boring remark that to look at govt as either is too simplistic. Shitty govt/media has "deteriorated their brand", as you said. On the govt, that ultimately becomes our fault. It's what we make of it, so I see the Reagan quote as "not helping". Regarding media, they've become too focused on profit over public interest imo.

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