There are people who lack the correct information. There are people with an ideology that won't allow them to take in information that goes against their internal narratives. There are the knowing liars.

We are all a mix of the first two and it's our responsibility to everyone to work on that. Never be the latter. Try to avoid a work life that forces you to live that way.

h/t @adz

@wjmaggos You're much more diplomatic than I am. However, I mostly was referring to Biden voters. In that particular case (there are others) there are no rational, informed supporters. Anyone who's rational and informed, simply does not support Biden. I tried to find some and failed.

@wjmaggos Biden supporters are increasingly incoherent since his disappearance. This is so weird! Candidate hasn't been seen in over a week during an election. It has no effect on his support. If Biden ends up dead, things will get very interesting indeed.

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