@wjmaggos This guy just lost me with his support for the Iraq war and general invasion of the ME.

@wjmaggos Don't get me wrong, him talking about music and econ was interesting. I can even forgive people who were in favour of the Iraq war back in 2003. But after 1mil+ Iraqi deaths, a bunch of US deaths and TRILLIONS spent, anyone still thinking it was a good idea is just not worth listening to.

@wjmaggos He even made the point that the US profited from the exercise because oil. Given the amount of money spent, it was the most expensive oil (or any resource for that matter) ever purchased.


I agree he was way too accepting of what we did, even now. I need to get better at challenging what I consider bad info or bad reasoning (or even just bring up fair alternative perspectives), while maintaining congeniality and dealing with letting them talk without talking over them and the subjects changing and sometimes a bad connection.

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