While I don't like @realDonaldTrump for many reasons, I felt it appropriate to speak up for him when I felt were being violated. I now hope to see that regarding @BernieSanders even if that means we could end up with a more socialist government/economy.

You can embrace a person or group's good actions/ideas while separately condemning what they did wrong. You can do that with Castro. You can do it with our founding fathers. The intellectually lazy propagandists of left and right deserve each other.

Bullshit headline. This is actually why "politics" must be about fighting for , not just trying to persuade others to your candidate/policy. Often, the easiest way to win is to avoid telling the truth, but that will always have negative effects on our culture.

Re: billionaires, at least libertarians recognize that effort or the social value of work often has little bearing on how much markets reward you. Timing, luck, etc. What they often fail to accept is that we can make other choices collectively to modify that math.

This is inevitable unless the American people choose to uphold . There's just always a great excuse to be an asshole. To fight fire with fire. To fall into the tribal mentality. That way lies madness.

The United States is a mix of republic, democracy and empire. States, direct election of the executive etc and places all over the world that we treat as less than. That needs to change.

Violence is another level, but you can manipulate people in many other ways. That too is authoritarian. Witness the power of @MikeBloomberg's money over our attention. Pursuing the ideal of persuasion only through reason is a big aspect of what I mean by .

I think they should kick him out for this, but please don't tell me this is the end of our democracy. There's always a way. Better citizens demanding better representatives. Don't you think this would all be basically the same but flipped if Trump was a Democrat?

Any president. This is why we need to elect people who care more about than progressive, conservative, partisan, special interest or their own egotistical agendas.

But it's not just Trump. All of democracy comes down to this. Will we take our responsibility to uphold seriously? To demand truth and accountability, from our representatives, the media & each other. When it's unpopular. When it doesn't serve our interests.

Maybe our first step should be to help each other better understand the issues and think more critically.

Thread. He's talking about . Being the type of person who prioritizes the search for truth over the emotional feedback mechanisms available in community by "being normal" or "joining a club". Everybody wants you to believe like they do.

The has so far failed in exactly the ways described below, but their goal is admirable. And an ideal worth pursuing while never perfectly achievable.

You need to listen to this. While I'm with @TulsiGabbard
on how to vote on this mess, this episode is as close to perfect as any dissection of could be. And it gives you all the necessary context everybody else leaves out. Just wow. Really. Please.



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