Consumerism is a culture opposed to critical thinking. Entertainment over purpose. The opposite of . It promises, and often delivers, a superficial sense of happiness. But it makes democracy unsustainable as it weakens our sense of empathy & erodes communities.

I don't see as placing oneself on the side of the cops or the protestors. They are about an examined life, so that you might stand up for or try to stop the rioting in the moment, because you've done the mental prep to push back against peer pressure.

An informed public thinking clearly is required before we get a govt that cares about us, because the powerful few will mislead about legislation that helps themselves at our expense, but holding out for our demands to be met requires we understand the proposals.

If you think the mainstream media brainwashes people, don't you have to admit that allowing for open access to wacky ideas could brainwash people too? I do and therefore push hard for people to learn to think critically, consume info they disagree with etc.

People are understandably afraid of voicing an opinion that gets us exiled by our community. So we subconsciously reject information & perspectives that go against the accepted wisdom of our tribe. We're built more to belong than to search out & speak the truth.

I recognize that forced vaccines are a violation of personal sovereignty. I also recognize that they are necessary for the kind of societies we want to live in.

Regarding the VP pick, can you be progressive and STFU when @JoeBiden pushes for bad policy in the interests of his wealthy donors? Because I think you can, but you wouldn't be a liberal imho. Compromise is often necessary but speaking truth to power is mandatory.

What's the best justification you've got for @realDonaldTrump blocking Fauci from testifying to the House next week?

Why are American conservatives so insistent on telling everyone that they live in a republic not a democracy, but also absolutely giddy that the purely democratic vote for Brexit was successful?

Even if is telling the truth, @JoeBiden might still be worth voting for. But if you don't want her to have her story heard just because it might help @realDonaldTrump, you're the steak guy in . You'd prefer shadows in Plato's cave to reality.

Please LISTEN to this interview w/ @johannhari101 (59 mins in). Our culture is not actually optimized towards the "pursuit of happiness". In a democracy guided more by instead of consumerism (false promises), we would fix that problem.

Thank you @dccommonsense. I agree with him so very much on this episode. Culture War Radio is really just my attempt to bring the same perspective () to a news & call-in show.

In a better world (that we could get a lot closer to if we made that our goal), good info dominates naturally and we all do what's right for ourselves and the collective, through freedom of choice.

Truth matters for the common good. Whether it's about or dictatorships. There's often a selfish reason to lie. My kind of politics is not about that. It's about civics and principle and goals greater than yourself. Reject the cynical excuses.

Fine. You don't like the term "establishment". Let's use . And if anyone wants to know what we mean, point them to this George Carlin bit. My only disagreement with him is that I think it can get better and I'm going to try.

I support @BernieSanders as the best possible president. I think he can win the primary and the general. But I also understand the concerns of the @JoeBiden people. They are unconvinced that a new politics is possible. That's probably true, but it must change.

A country where some need to wait 7 hours to vote (and therefore many won't) is not living up to my definition of .

While I don't like @realDonaldTrump for many reasons, I felt it appropriate to speak up for him when I felt were being violated. I now hope to see that regarding @BernieSanders even if that means we could end up with a more socialist government/economy.

You can embrace a person or group's good actions/ideas while separately condemning what they did wrong. You can do that with Castro. You can do it with our founding fathers. The intellectually lazy propagandists of left and right deserve each other.

Bullshit headline. This is actually why "politics" must be about fighting for , not just trying to persuade others to your candidate/policy. Often, the easiest way to win is to avoid telling the truth, but that will always have negative effects on our culture.

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