Nobody hates you. Thinking in terms of Dems or Republicans or Socialists or Capitalists is silly. People are people. We're all misguided. We get better by talking it out with people we disagree with. Tribalism makes that more difficult.

So yesterday the House voted to make lynching a hate crime. And today the Republicans tried to pass a resolution to condemn Bernie's comments regarding Castro. Please stop with the virtue signaling bullshit.


This is even stupider than making lynching a hate crime.

Hey @adam, what do you think socialism is? You guys are doing the same thing you do with "democracy". Attacking a term to get brownie points instead of explaining things. I think Anand echoed the Book of Knowledge:

There's (probably) an objective reality. But we will never know "the truth". We have our experienced & reasoned truth, which when shared, allows us to construct the most accurate possible understanding. And then we build culture based upon that.

Bad faith is our only real enemy.

When it didn't look like @BernieSanders could win, the argument was . No offers to accommodate the concerns of his supporters. Now that it might be Bernie, the argument is how do we take it away from him or at least retain moderate Democrats' votes in the general.

While I don't like @realDonaldTrump for many reasons, I felt it appropriate to speak up for him when I felt were being violated. I now hope to see that regarding @BernieSanders even if that means we could end up with a more socialist government/economy.

I was on my own this last Sunday. Wasn't sure if it would happen at all. Did the news, music and gave an update on . All set with a guest for this Sunday, but tell me if you're available and interested in the weeks ahead. Thanks.

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BIG: Presidential hopefuls should be asked their position on the costly failure of the NSA's unconstitutional mass surveillance program, part of which is up for renewal on March 15th. Today's report reveals a long history of abuse & no meaningful success.

You can embrace a person or group's good actions/ideas while separately condemning what they did wrong. You can do that with Castro. You can do it with our founding fathers. The intellectually lazy propagandists of left and right deserve each other.


I don't understand how MMT works or is a good idea. But I generally trust Cory Doctorow and he likes it.

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We don't have to worry about socialism government taking over the means of production, thanks to our brilliant economic policies there are no means of production.


I would think that free coverage would make people more willing to get checked out.


Argue that we used to tax the wealthiest much more than we do now, and it allowed us to do a ton of things we don't do now with lower taxes on most Americans.


Quote Obama that raising money from rich people naturally makes you more sympathetic to their concerns because you end up hanging out with them. Argue that we need to do massive trust-busting to make the economy more competitive, which will also decrease inequality. Etc.

Would be helpful, detrimental or immaterial to dealing with in the United States?

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