Someone posted an edited video and when I called them on it, they pushed back but then deleted it without saying anything. I stopped following them. Too harsh?



Through my ongoing conversations with friends, teammates, and leaders in the black community, I realize this is not an issue about the American flag. It has never been. We can no longer use the…

We're mostly determined by what we're exposed to, but we owe it to each other to try to break that conditioning. I think cops and soldiers who become assholes do so because they have to deal with a much higher percentage of assholes. Again, it's an explanation not an excuse.


I like the analogy but it feels more like all the groups are just PR. They protest and try to push their arguments but the establishment (party and media) decides what to highlight and how to spin it, all while the donors etc are locked in the cockpit in full control. Both parties and M5M need to die.


to me the problem is government accountability, which ultimately resides in how many of us take our civic responsibility seriously.


is this a real account? cause with examples like this, it would be real useful if you could try to convince people that the is the only real long-term solution to social media censorship.


that's backwards. it's much easier to build support at the local level. and the proof is that there are many local officials of both libertarian and far left leanings all over the country but very few at higher levels here or abroad.


that's news to Bernie supporters. they feel completely fucked by the party establishment and the media. what you might be missing is how much Democrats pretend to support the concerns of their activist base only to always serve the interests of their donors. kinda similar to how Trump's driving issue was the wall and in his first two years when he had all of Congress, nada. but they made sure they got that big tax cut, no problem.

Why are people (especially types) freaking out about calls to only now, when libertarians have been saying the same shit (I disagree with) for years? Because now it's coming from the left and someone told you to?


Just heard the best euphemism ever for the stock market on the podcast:

“It’s a graph of rich people’s feelings.” - (and the random person who tweeted it and she stole it from)


And it upsets me. I love the and I want as many people as possible to be a part of it, especially the server that I believe was the largest group of people who understood and rebelled against the censorship of Twitter. Also, I really appreciate conversation with people I don't agree with and they've never bothered me.


Obviously shit went down in Chicago, but even my suburb about 20 miles west had looting.

Looking at the stock market and the state of America's main streets these days, it's more obvious than ever that the two are completely detached. Never let anyone tell you again that economic policy should be determined by what's good for corporations. Fuck that propaganda.

Consumerism is a culture opposed to critical thinking. Entertainment over purpose. The opposite of . It promises, and often delivers, a superficial sense of happiness. But it makes democracy unsustainable as it weakens our sense of empathy & erodes communities.

Great extended conversation (ended ) with @PhoneBoy last Sunday, about his background, health, technology, , the and much more. Live again this week at 9pm CST!

Why won't the crowd declare that there's no other acceptable choice except for @JoeBiden's VP?

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