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The @iowademocrats website now says 71% (not 62%) reporting. I don't know what this means, if anything. Has anyone heard when more data might be officially released?

I wish people didn't identify with political parties. You're all being played.


In NH, Tulsi proposes a set of national reforms in the wake of yesterday’s “debacle” in Iowa: Open primaries, same-day voter registration, get rid of *all* super delegates, and ranked choice voting

My hope is that this clusterfuck furthers the idea that the parties deserve to die, but not that democracy itself is somehow now unworkable. Ugh.


The good news from tonight:

Zero chance these clowns could ever take our guns.

Live streaming coverage of the now till midnight. Skype me at WJMAGGOS to get on the stream.

Alert the affiliates. Open lines tonight for this Monday night version of Culture War Radio. Skype me at WJMAGGOS. Tune in at 9pm CST at:

I feel sorry for all the people who have only heard the after @joerogan stopped telling people to skip the first 6-10 minutes of commercials. It's being used to dismiss him, which is incorrect but I guess kinda fair.

A one world government is better than endless war or one nation bullying everybody else into submission or most countries suffering for the choices of a few. But being forced to live under rules that are too broad and do not benefit the greater good are also to be avoided.


Super Bowl commercial lowlights: basically all of them . Cranston for Mountain Dew and Scorcese for Coca Cola is particularly pathetic. One watches all this shit and you realize that Huxley was right: Soma for all. Sleep well sheep.

Apparently it's ok to objectify women if they're over 40 years old.

Still no confirmation from my guest for tonight. Maybe I should livestream during the Iowa caucus returns tomorrow night instead and try to do an open phone line kinda thing...

Live streaming in 3 hours with a guest (I think). Tell me if you're interested in being a guest tonight (or next time if all goes as planned...)

I think they should kick him out for this, but please don't tell me this is the end of our democracy. There's always a way. Better citizens demanding better representatives. Don't you think this would all be basically the same but flipped if Trump was a Democrat?

Getting to hear @adam on the is beyond fantastic. Convincing Joe to start a instance would be AAAAMMMMAAAZZZZIIIINNNGGG!!!!

Good thread except to say it does rise to the level of impeachment because it's an attempt to prevent a fair presidential election, removing the public's vote as a method of resolution. And partisanship can also be used to defend the indefensible.

Being mean & outrageous just to get attention sucks. But sometimes saying fucked up shit helps make a point & it becomes a hard call. No matter what, please don't try to pressure people to shut them up. It's not healthy for people to be scared to say anything.

:: @AriShaffir


It's weird how everyone who was intimately involved in creating the Iraq War disaster and the financial crisis all hate Bernie.

Looking for a guest for the show this weekend, the night before the Iowa caucus. I'd prefer somebody new, possibly living in Iowa with thoughts on the process this year. Or someone who did some volunteering there this cycle. (The SuperBowl should be over by the time we start.) TY

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