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I’ve posted a couple of prior quotes from US rappers (on the same instagram acct) who are much younger than Ice T, ... - he’s actually articulate, what happened to rap..

maybe now when you're stuck at home isolated, might be the best time to watch a concert from the days of crowd surfing and mosh pits. not the best quality, but for me, it's the best band at the height of their powers in the best small club in my home town

.@TulsiGabbard has just endorsed @JoeBiden. All the people who said horrible shit about her should apologize. "Pundits" who were wrong about her, the Iraq War, RussiaGate, Hillary easily winning in 2016... should not have jobs. But they will, until you withdraw your attention.

I hope the people who thought wasn't a big deal, but are now convinced it is, have the balls to implore those who currently think everyone is overreacting, to change their minds.

Last Sunday, my guest was photographer and musician @melodiousowls. We spoke about his life, politics and NYC in these early days of . Enjoy!

There's a big overlap between people who think blaming China isn't racist but blaming Israel is anti-semitic. Governments are not a stand-in for a nationality, no matter what kind of government they have.


Rather than bury everyone in means-testing paperwork, just cut checks to everyone, and then tax multimillionaires and billionaires.

It shouldn't take a symposium of 500 Beltway lanyards to figure this out.

It's only really a compromise when the side with more power moves towards the interests of the weaker party. Otherwise, it's much closer to domination/submission.

Poverty, and few options out of it for many people, is the stick that gives the United States enough manpower to fight endless wars w/o a draft. And having a volunteer force, and the goodwill that creates in the general populace, keeps most people from asking too many questions.

Are there any studies on whether people who get their news via cable news are better/worse informed than people who get theirs from social media? Or podcasts? Or subscribe to newspapers & magazines?

To understand some people's mistrust of the media's reporting on or climate etc, consider the process of finding a mechanic or doctor if you're uninformed in the the relative areas of expertise. Trust is huge & it's hard to get it back if they've failed you badly before.


They should have just delayed the primaries a few weeks and converted them to vote-by-mail. It would have been easy. It would have been safe. It would have been democratic. Now look what’s happening: public endangerment, voter suppression, and chaos at the polls

Truth matters for the common good. Whether it's about or dictatorships. There's often a selfish reason to lie. My kind of politics is not about that. It's about civics and principle and goals greater than yourself. Reject the cynical excuses.


Dropped my wife off at the hospital this morning for her 12hr shift. While 95% of the world is distancing from the , health professionals are putting their armor on and attacking it. My wife is a hero.

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