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.@JoeBiden just said that if you , you shouldn't vote for him. He wouldn't. Good thing I live in Illinois and the state is too blue for my vote to matter. Wokeism is fucking complicated.

The @wjmaggos interview of @alex is definitely thought provoking

I see that Alex, soapbox, and the fediverse can be a bridge to allow us to address the culture war, based on the concept of freedom of speech

If we can agree that civilization needs resilient, free, and easy-to-use social media tech, that is accessible to most of the citizens of the world, then let's team up to ride that idea all of the way to the top

Once the tech is deployed, we can then maintain a conversation to examine ideas using critical thinking

I'd love to hear a long conversation between @ggreenwald and @RandPaul about and all of the machinations.

An informed public thinking clearly is required before we get a govt that cares about us, because the powerful few will mislead about legislation that helps themselves at our expense, but holding out for our demands to be met requires we understand the proposals.

Last Sunday, I had a great conversation with @alex about his background, his work on the and why it matters. Followed up with the week's news and the music of . Three hours, every Sunday night at 9pm CST.

If you think the mainstream media brainwashes people, don't you have to admit that allowing for open access to wacky ideas could brainwash people too? I do and therefore push hard for people to learn to think critically, consume info they disagree with etc.

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my hope is that reddit-like functionality should be built into other apps like mastodon etc instead, if possible. every hashtag becomes like a subreddit, that we could each view in a different tab like we do the federated timeline.


What are you all going to tweet about when Trump leaves office and nothing else changes?


Larry Summers to Yanis Varoufakis, on insiders vs. outsiders, from Yanis' book "Adults in the Room."

Why do you think would be more corrupt than our current system? Who told you that? Have you ever worked a polling place? Do you know that it's already been used for many years? What if the voting envelopes were kept decentralized & opened/certified by multiple people?

Which kind of libertarian are you? One who praises market incentives for pushing scientists to find ways to get obscenely rich off because it will help people, or does someone making money from doing science mean they are part of some government conspiracy?

What's the most complete and fair article you've found about the ? I want to believe the sexy story that he was taken down by the because he was going to help @realDonaldTrump end all the wars like @ComicDaveSmith says, but I'm skeptical.

Sweden is doing relatively well without enforcement because the people believe their government experts and follow instructions. Here, the same people demanding that we are also pushing conspiracy theories and telling you all the experts are getting paid to lie.

How much of the skepticism toward medical science is the result of a health care system built on profit, where convincing people of the danger of the disease and selling the public on cures/vaccines is bound to make somebody a fuck ton of money?

Still looking for a guest for this Sunday night. About 2 hours. Between 9pm & midnight CST. Politics and culture. What shaped your opinions? Got anything controversial to say about the news?

Why do you hate the other political party so much?

Because the logic of gerrymandering & the two-party system means that as long as they can get us to hate each other, they can do absolutely nothing for us & still win elections.

HT @DylanRatigan @jimmy_dore

People are understandably afraid of voicing an opinion that gets us exiled by our community. So we subconsciously reject information & perspectives that go against the accepted wisdom of our tribe. We're built more to belong than to search out & speak the truth.

Had my friend Donald on the show last Sunday. Listen to his story and his experience surviving in NYC. Be my guest this Sunday at 9PM CST or just listen live.

The biggest problem is monopoly. It allows for the domination of both parties. Libertarians think it wouldn't exist w/o government. MAGAs & progressives just want to be the monopoly. We need regulation that enforces competition.

HT @DylanRatigan @jimmy_dore

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